SippyNipple, turns water bottles into baby bottles.
Hundreds of moms agree: SippyNipple is the best “mommy time-saving” invention of the decade. 

Now mommies and babies can drink from the same bottle - making SippyNipple a diaper bag must, at home and on the go.


It’s child proof, BPA free and snaps on most regular and mini water bottles. Try our formula nipples for 3 & 6 month old babies or our toddler teething spout.


Credit: Jasmine Hewitt lovelifelaughmotherhood.com

The idea is not new, the leak proof part is. We guarantee that our products are leak-proof, and we’re the only ones who do.

SippyNipple saves time and is environmentally friendly. Wash only the reusable nipples - so there’s less to clean and carry.

Invented by a physician, adopted by moms.

Try SippyNipple with your little ones.

SippyNipple fits most major brands. Purple cap fits Pepsi & Coke water bottle brands. Green Cap fits Nestle Brands.

SippyNipple Teething Spout helps little teeth grow strong.

SippyNipple is environmentally kind. 

Find the right SippyNipple for your baby.