Daddy Bonding

Originally Posted On: April 4, 2015 By ArmyMom

Daddy Bonding

My husband was based in Germany and then Afghanistan for 6 years, so this is the first time he has had a chance to bond with our children. When he came home from duty, Derek was determined to bond with our son from the start.

So I bought a “Sippy Nipple” adaptor for feeding so that when I’m at work, I have refilled my empty water bottles with juice, formula and breast milk. So All Derek just grabs the bottle he needs and is ready to go. When our baby is fed, Derek just throws out the empty bottle with no mess or clean up! They are incredible. Our son took it the first time and was guzzling away.

“Sippy Nipple” has brought my husband and our son much closer, so this has meant a lot!

I’ve been able to go to work without worrying and I’ve come home to two very happy guys!