Emergency Bottle Back Up

Originally Posted On: January 21, 2015 By LaLecheMom

Emergency Back Up Bottle

My husband and I understand the value of breastfeeding our 18-month-old Jessica. So after my maternity leave was over, I had expressed once a day just to build up our breast milk stock for when I was at work. Yesterday my husband called me at work worried that we were out of clean bottles and Jessica was crying to be fed.
I remembered that our La Leche League leader had given me a “Sippy Nipple” baby nipple and told me that if I ever ran out of bottles - that this nipple fits on any water bottle. So my husband used our “Sippy Nipple” baby nipple and a water bottle to make a baby feeding bottle for Jessica.

Day Saved! I was imagining coming home to Jessica going 8 hours without milk, but she took the Little Traveler like a champ and my La Leche League leader is now on my speed dial.