Mess Reduction

Originally Posted On: November 22, 2015 By ParticularMama 

No-Mess Leak-Proof Water Bottles

I always have my personal water bottle by my side wherever I go to keep hydrated and alert during my busy days. But my baby needs her water bottle too – so I had to carry two heavy water bottles around with us. I’ve purchased various bottled water brands and was looking for a baby nipple that would adapt to my water bottle so that I could share my water bottle with my baby.

I found several products that convert water bottles into baby bottles, but every bottled water brand has a different closure size and structure, so many of them that I tried leaked. The most leak-proof option was the “Sippy Nipple” brand. It has patented seal technology that helps prevent leaks on all the leading bottled water brands (Dasani (Coke) Aquafina (Pepsi) and Nestle (Various brand names).

My husband tested several brands for leaks and below are his results for the best product we found; “Sippy Nipple” brand that can be purchased online at

So if you’re looking for the best leak proof solution on the market, the winner is “Sippy Nipple”, and that means having a water bottle always at the ready—one that’s not going to be a distraction or make a mess.