Feeding Techniques

Originally Posted On: June 18, 2016 By NuBMom

Paced, Feeding Techniques

New moms know that next to breastfeeding; bottle-feeding is time of beautiful bonding. The frequent change in positions and a pause to play makes feeding fun. But what is the correct positioning for feeding your baby?



My Grandmother Emily on my mom’s side of the family was fortunately on hand for my first-born. She raised 5 boys and a girl so I couldn’t think of a better person to guide my daughter and I to bottle-feeding bliss. I’ve written down her thoughts to share with my daughter one day, I hope they offer some help to you.

Grandma always fed her babies in a semi upright position with the bottle teat almost horizontal. This allows your baby to better control the flow and avoids being overwhelmed by too much milk at one time. If your baby is ready to take in fluids faster, the ‘reclined and cradled’ bottle-feeding position will allow fluids to flow faster and your baby will need to drink faster in order to keep up with the flow.

Feeding in an upright position will help pace your baby’s feeding. If your baby pauses to rest or take a deeper breath, this is a cue for you to remove the bottle, talk to them, burp them, or take a little break from bottle-feeding. 

Never prop a bottle in your baby’s mouth as this can lead to choking. There is no need to pull the bottle away from your baby if it’s actively sucking happily just because it’s been 5 minutes or more. Babies know when they need to stop, so wait for a natural pause in the feeding to remove the bottle for a short break.

Grandma gave me a “Sippy Nipple” that fits over Dasani, Aquafina and Nestle water bottles and we reuse my water bottles for my breast milk and formula feeding on the go, so no more stinky old bottles to carry home! And we’ve saved quite a bit of money on bottles this way

Grandma says the secret is that the bonding comes between the feeding, when you engage your baby with with eye contact, play with them or help them to burp. This is the magic of bottle-feeding that creates a life long bond between you and your baby.