Recycling Your Water Bottles

Originally Posted On: December 3, 2015 By Budget-Mom

Re-Use Your Old Water Bottles

As new mom’s, we know how much we’ve spent on baby bottles! So I’ve been thinking of ways to cut our expenses and be environmentally friendly at the same time by re-using some of our baby gear. So for my second child, I wondered if it was ok to reuse our baby bottles from my first child?
Our pediatrician told us that in general, reusing baby bottles is fine, and with a bit of hot water and soap they should be as good as new. She mentioned that regular inspection should be done to throw out cracked or discolored bottles and nipples with tears or larger flow rates. If you have older bottles made with bisphenol A (BPA) or are not sure, throw those out to avoid chemical concerns.
The most interesting thing we learned was that my water bottles could be recycled into baby bottles! I was given a “Sippy Nipple” baby bottle nipple at my baby shower and come to find out, this nipple converts my water bottles into a feeding bottle for my baby! I’ve saved my water bottles instead of throwing them out, and I have quite a collection now. I have water bottles that I use to store my breast milk, my formula, juice and I can use it to share my water with my baby, so I don’t have to carry two water bottles with me everywhere I go. It’s like getting free baby bottles!
So we’re going green and now I always have “free’ baby bottles that I can recycle, reuse or throw out if I don’t have the time to clean them, or if I’m out all day and don’t want a stinky old bottle in my bag. This was the best advice we’ve had in saving money and its earth friendly.