It is almost that time, Halloween is quickly approaching. In exactly twenty one days the streets will be filled with adorable little kids in spooky and cute costumes. My children are beyond excited. They have their costumes picked out, and we have already decorated. Now, the count down starts, they can't wait for that special day...Halloween and Trick or Treating! Before you break out the costumes, and pumpkins ready to collect candy, I would like to share some safety tips with you.


Halloween is such a special day for little ones. For one special day their imagination and creativity truly come to life. They can be whoever they want to be, Spider-Man, or a Fairy Princess, the possibilities are limitless. On this special day children truly shine, and experience the magic of make believe.

Plus, they are rewarded with candy! Our children can be so enthralled with all this wonder, that they can be easily distracted. While out Trick or Treating, it is very important to remind your children of the importance of safety. I always go over our safety plan with my children before heading out for fun. It is necessary to remind little ones to stay close to you while out collecting candy.

They quickly can be overcome with the fun of the activity, and it is easy for them to become distracted and wander into the street. I go over how they must stay on the sidewalk, and for the truly tiny ones, always hold hands. Costumes are truly wonderful for kids, but they can pose safety hazards as well. Children's vision can become obstructed from the masks they wear, and clothing can at times be a tripping danger. I always assist my little ones while climbing stairs to collect goodies.

Safety is always the number one priority when it comes to our kids, and you can't be to careful. Finally, our little monsters or princesses can easily forget manners when presented with copious amounts of candy. I like to give a gentle reminder on the importance of saying please and thank you after receiving their goodies. Manners are very important to our family, and I always want my children to present themselves in the best way.

After recieving our Halloween treats, we always dump our candy out for inspection. Any candy the has a tear, or non-intact wrapper gets thrown out. I remind my children that their could be something wrong with it, and we can not eat it. I also show them just how much candy we have and they see for themselves that their is no shortage. Sadly, in the world we live in these days we can not take any chances for our kids sake.

So, any homemade goodies I dispose of for safety. I only allow my children to eat homemade goodies from family or friends that we know personally. I am sure that these people have good intentions, but you just never know these days. If your children have any allergies, I recommend inspecting what is being handed out, and not taking any products your children are allergic too. Some houses have taken to only handing out small toys due to allergens. Finally, make sure to limit the amount of candy children consume on Halloween night, stomach troubles from too much candy can be very real. Also, that much sugar is just not good for little kids, so moderation is truly key.

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I hope these tips helped, and wish you all a wonderful and safe Halloween!!!

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