It is October, that special time of the year when you can break out the sweaters, and enjoy the crisp air. The leaves are beginning to change colors, and their is nothing better than watching your children play in the crunchy piles of leaves. The time has come to decorate for the wonder that is Autumn, and especially Halloween.

Decorating with young kids can be challenging. However, I love to get my kids involved in the decoration process. I make sure to remove breakables, and put them out of reach so they can not be destroyed. I learned this lesson hard after my youngest broke a beautiful snow globe last Christmas. I recommend setting out the decorations that your children can put where they want. I give them a gentle direction, and assist them with the location. I find that the best decorations for little children are window clings, they can place them wherever they want. Also, fortunately their is next to no chance of breaking the cling.

The Fall is also a wonderful time to use what the season has to offer for decorating. I was fortunate this year to grow several small pumpkins in my garden. I involve my kids in a wonderful craft, painting pumpkins. We pick up a painting kit specifically for pumpkins and I allow each of my children to paint their very own pumpkin! They absolutely love it! I would recommend tracing and outline in permanent marker, and then letting them paint away with the colors they choose. Naturally, carving pumpkins is the best thing to do with pumpkins, but unfortunately it will not last very long. I advise not carving your pumpkin until at least October 29th. Always have an adult do the actual carving, utilizing carving tools is very dangerous for children. I like to involve my kids in the carving process by having them choose which design they want. I also let them trace the design on the pumpkin, and then I do the carving. A wonderful thing to do after carving is to save the pumpkin seeds and roast them in the oven with a little bit of salt after a quick wash. I roast them on a cookie tray at 300 degrees for approximately 45 minutes. It is a delicious treat for the family to enjoy. I advise not giving them to small children due to the risk of choking, but it is a great treat for the older kids. Finally, after carving your masterpiece make sure to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on the top of your Pumpkin lid. I then place a small candle in it and light it. The cinnamon on the top will fill your house with the wonderful smells of Fall baking.

I hope you enjoy the wonder of the season, and have a blast decorating with your little ones. This is truly what it is all about, making memories with your children, and watching them enjoy the season's splendor. Happy Decorating to all!

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