Help Your Child Drink More Water with Sippy Nipple Toddler Spout


April 20, 2017 by Elizabeth 

Over the past two years, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time and energy trying to get my daughter to drink more water. I’ve tried everything from reward charts to funny straws to cartoon character cups with mixed success at best. Of all the tricks I’ve tried the product that has been most successful in getting my daughter to drink more water is the Sippy Nipple Toddler Spout.


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Does My Child Drink Enough Water?

For my oldest child, the answer to this question is probably “no”. At least not without a lot of encouragement on my part. Once your child is a toddler and starts to wean off of breastmilk and formula their fluid intake needs change. Most kids transition to whole milk, which is wonderful. But between the ages of 1 and 3 kiddos start needing to drink plain old water as well.

Much like an adult, a child’s body relies on adequate hydration to function properly. For toddlers and young children, this usually means about 5 to 8 cups of water every day. But consult with your child’s doctor to make sure they are drinking the breastmilk, formula, milk, and water combination that is right for them.

But Juice Tastes Better!

Plain old water doesn’t taste good. At least according to my daughter. I am actually water’s number one fan. But she is not.

My daughter used to drink water quite happily. But during a brief illness about a year ago, she had some delicious fruit flavored Pedialyte. Once the illness and Pedialyte were gone, Ellie insisted that plain old water just wouldn’t do. For awhile I mixed a little juice in with her water. But by her current age of four, she’s caught on. And refuses to drink unless her cup is nothing but juice. She watches me pour to make sure I don’t try anything sneaky.

I hate to admit I sometimes give in. But when she isn’t drinking enough I worry about dehydration, especially during warm weather. 

In my quest to get Ellie to drink more water I have used reward charts, special cups, fancy water bottles, and out and out bribes. All with mixed results. Usually, these ideas work for a few days before their shiny newness wears off and Ellie is back to drinking juice out of the boring cups. And refusing to drink water without a battle or a bribe.

The Sippy Nipple Toddler Spout Solution

After all of my attempts to make water appealing to my daughter, I was basically out of ideas. Until a fellow blogger mentioned the Sippy Nipple in a Facebook group. Before trying it out, I was expecting this product would appeal more to my one-year-old daughter, Abby. She’s not yet anti-water and hopefully won’t ever be as I will be sticking with unflavored Pedialyte when she gets sick.

But Ellie can’t stand to have her little sister try anything before her, so when the Sippy Nipple Toddler Spout arrived, I stuck it on a water bottle and gave it to Ellie. She drank the entire bottle of water in an afternoon. And shortly after, peed her pants because she wasn’t used to that much liquid at once.

But still. She drank water! Without a bribe, a silly cup or any other crazy incentive.

And this wasn’t a one-time victory. Ellie has continued to use the Sippy Nipple Toddler Spout on a water bottle to drink water all day ever since it arrived. She likes having her own grown-up water bottle. And sucking on the spout seems to appeal. Whatever the reason, she’s a fan, so I am too.

The Sippy Nipple Toddler Spoutis also a teething aid and my one-year-old did seem to enjoy chewing on it as well as drinking when she was finally able to pry it away from her older sister for a drink.

How it Works

The Sippy Nipple is a leak proof nipple for babies or spout for toddlers that fits right on a regular plastic water bottle. You simply remove the cap from the water bottle and push the Sippy Nipple on until it is firmly in place. It does not screw or twist on, it pushes straight on and pulls off the same way.

Each Sippy Nipple comes in a pack of two rings and nipples in two different ring sizes to fit a variety of different water bottles.

There are three nipple sizes, 3+ months, 6+ months, and the toddler spouts I’ve been using. I only wish I had known about Sippy Nipple when my youngest daughter was drinking formula. I would have gladly used the baby nipples on water bottles when we were away from home. It would have made feeding her on the go much easier.

A Few More Things About Sippy Nipple

Sippy Nipple is $16.99 for a set of two and can be purchased on the Sippy Nipple website. It’s a simple solution to many common baby and toddler feeding and hydration issues parents face on the go or while traveling.

The Sippy Nipple is easy to take apart and clean. And will be reusable for a long time. It’s even dishwasher safe, wahoo!

Sippy Nipple is a no-leak no-mess nipple or spout for your baby or toddler that can be used with most plastic water bottles.

It’s a must-have for the diaper bag if you’re a bottle feeding parent or have young children who may need hydration on the go.

Consider lightening your diaper bag by carrying a Sippy Nipple inside and buying water bottles on the go for mixing formula. Or keeping a Sippy Nipple in the diaper bag for that nightmare day you go off and forget your baby’s bottles on the counter at home (am I the only one who has done this?).

If you have a toddler, the Sippy Nipple Toddler Spout can give your teething little one something to chew on while they drink. I also found it helpful for the transition from baby bottle to drinking spout.

If you have a reluctant water drinker in the toddler to preschool age range, consider the Sippy Nipple Toddler Spout. It has made a huge difference in helping my four-year-old drink a healthy amount of water every day. After basically nothing else worked.

I found the Sippy Nipple Toddler Spout incredibly helpful in getting my daughter to drink water. And for making it easier to give her water on the go. She may be on the older end of the Sippy Nipple target age range, but any mom of an older toddler or preschooler knows if you hand them a plastic water bottle, odds are pretty good they will soon have a soaked shirt front. But not with the Sippy Nipple. I would purchase it for that reason alone.

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