Sippy Nipple; World’s first leak proof water bottle attachment!

Turn any plain old water bottle into a Sippy cup or baby bottle. How? Keep reading to find out!

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Water, water, water

As a Mom, it’s super important to me that my son, has a healthy balance of different hydration going through his body. Mommy’s Milk, Juice…and the occasional battle with plain, non-flavored water.

Bruce has never taken to a bottle as an infant. We’ve been on Sippy cups for a while now. He usually uses a 360-type cup that doesn’t have a spout, but when I forget and leave it at home; I’ll do anything to just get my hands on some type of cup. Because nothing says “frustrated” like a screaming toddler at the zoo, and no Sippy cup. And because he’s so used to a cup, letting him have a sip from my water bottle only results in him getting soaked down the front. And me. “There’s got to be a better way!”

Well, now there is!

Introducing the Sippy Nipple!

So this is now the must have accessory to keep in the diaper bag! Relatively simple concept, but totally works!

The Sippy Nipple comes in a pack of two; because as we all know, water bottle tends to slightly differ in size. The color code on the back of the package will tell you which popular brands of water bottle, will fit to the Sippy Nipple Attachment. Incredibly easy to attach-just push down over the top and boom! And Sippy Nipples come in 3+ months, 6+ months, and Toddler size!

Game Changer!

I never new how badly this was needed until now! Sippy Nipple’s really are leak proof-and trust me, if there’s a way my kid will get a cup to leak, he’ll find it. So now, not only are we able to turn any water bottle into a usable drink for the Toddler – but water bottles now have a more reusable purpose!  Being that my son never took to bottles as an infant, I did know a lot of Moms who used old water bottles to mix formula. I can totally see using this to facilitate that!

And, Sippy Nipples literally take up zero room in the diaper bag.  Which honestly makes life so much easier - no more stuffing those random cups in tiny pockets for an outing. Just take your SippyNipple, and rest assured that whenever you’re getting bottles of water for everyone, the Toddler will be able to have their own!

I’m so in love with these, and think the SippyNipple makes the perfect baby shower gift for those, ‘Oh crap, I forgot the Sippy cup’ moments.

You can get your own set of Sippy Nipples on their website, as well as learn more info.


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