Diaper Bag Must Have: SippyNipple Review

Since becoming a mom, I have strived to feed my son the healthiest foods. This does not mean that I always feed him organic, or that I have a zero sugar diet for him. It means that I try to avoid [as much as I can] “bad” food or drinks at his early age in order to instill a healthy diet down the road. Being a working mom, however, means I don’t always have the say about what my little one intakes. A few months back I began to notice that my son wouldn’t take plain water in his sippy cups anymore. I later found out that grandma had been giving him watered down lemonade. Of course my little one did not want plain water anymore as he had already tasted sweet lemonade. And I’m not going to argue with him, grandma’s lemonade is amazing, but possibly not the healthiest.

The only way my son would take plain water was if it was straight from a water bottle. Unfortunately, this meant spilled water all over his clothes and the house. Luckily, I came across SippyNipple, the “World’s First Leakproof Water Bottle Baby Nipple.” These nipples turn [almost] any water bottle into a baby bottle. The nipples come in three different sizes: 3+ Month, 6+ Month, and Toddler. Curious? Keep reading and be sure to enter the giveaway for a chance to win your very own Sippy Nipple.

I was provided with a complimentary Sippy Nipple pack in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. This product worked for my son, but they may not work for everyone. 

Who is Sippy Nipple & What do they offer?

Sippy Nipple originated after a second time dad found himself in distress with mommy at the hospital and a hungry and frantic newborn at home. What started off as a spare nipple rubber banded onto a water bottle is now SippyNipple. Each pack comes with two rings, in different sizes made to fit a variety of water bottles.

The nipples come in three different sizes, each geared towards your child’s needs according to their developmental stage, 3+ months, 6+ months, and the toddler spouts. The 3 + size nipple acts as a teething ring which helps your baby’s teeth come in. The toddler spouts, which are the ones my little one has been using, resemble a sippy cup and help with the transition from baby bottle to zippy cup. They also act as a teething aid. My son’s last few teeth are coming in and some days he has been a horrible mess. The Sippy Nipple has come to the rescue, however, and allowed him to release some of the pain associated with teething.

The details.

Any product that I bring into our home and use for or on my son has to be both practical for him and safe. Sippy Nipple is not only pediatrician recommended, but also leak-proof, BPA free, and dishwasher safe.

I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy the Sippy Nipple was to use. Once you remove the cap from the water bottle, its literally a “snap.” I specially liked that I could hear the snap as I pushed the nipple onto the bottle and I felt reassured that it was in place and secure.

An added bonus is that SippyNipple can help you save money and go green. You can recycle your water bottles instead of buying baby bottle after baby bottle. You will not only save money but also help save our environment.

The final verdict

Thanks to Sippy Nipple, my son is once again loving plain water. He feels like a big boy when I just snap on the Toddler Spout to the water bottle and hand it over to him.

I think back to January when the boys and I ventured off into Nico’s first big trip. We opted for San Francisco versus New York due to the shorter plane ride. Unfortunately, due to weather condition, we experienced an over 4 hour delay on our way out of Los Angeles. And an almost 8 hour delay on our way back. Nico was a trooper but it was difficult a) finding milk for him at the airport stores and b) pouring the milk into his cups while we were boarding, unboarding, and moving around from gate to gate. If we had the Sippy Nipple back then, I’m sure our experience would have been somewhat more bearable.

The Sippy Nipple would have also been very helpful when my son was an infant. My breast feeding journey had a rough start,having to supplement with formula during my son’s first few days. Of course, when out and about, more times than none, it was difficult getting a bottle of formula ready for my little one while also trying to handle a fussy and hungry little guy. Using Sippy Nipple would make this a much faster and easier task as all you would have to do is add formula to the already filled water bottle. This would have also freed up space in our diaper bag. The Sippy Nipple takes up minimal room compared to the baby bottles and sippy cups.

I would definitely recommend the Sippy Nipple. You can head over to SippyNipple.com and purchase your own. They run for $16.99 but if you head on over now they are on sale for $10.99. For a chance to win your own Sippy Nipple, enter the contest below. Let me know what your thoughts are about this product and if you would like to see more reviews like this one on the blog.

- adventureswithnico.com