Fall is truly a magical time. The air becomes crisp, the leaves begin to display magnificent colors, and watching kids jump in piles of leaves can be so special. The Fall is my favorite season, and I love to share this magical season with my children. I enjoy getting them involved with crafts, decorations, baking, and especially Fall themed outings such as a Pumpkin Patch, or an Apple Orchard. As fun as these activities can be, they can also be very crowded an busy, I would like to share my ideas to make Fall outings much easier, and more enjoyable for your little ones.


I love the magic of these orange fruits (Yes, they are indeed a fruit). Pumpkins can be used for so many purposes, carving them, painting them, and my personal favorite is cooking them to make pumpkin pie. I remember my earliest and fondest Fall memory was helping my mom cook and make Pumpkin Pie. I enjoy teaching my own children this fun activity, and having them help just as I used to do. I take my children out to as many places I can in the Fall, it is one of the last times of the year children can get out without being bundled in Winter coats. Pumpkin Patches are fun, many of them include activities such as carnival rides, hayrides, mazes, haunted houses, food, and petting zoos. These activities can be very fun but, also can be expensive. I recommend setting a budget. The expenses can add up quickly, especially if you have more than one child, like I do. I have a set amount of money for each kid to use at the Pumpkin Patch. I also save money by not actually buying pumpkins at the patch. Pumpkin patches want to make money and the pumpkins can be very expensive at these facilities. I purchase my pumpkins for the Fall at local grocery stores where the prices are more reasonable. Pumpkin Patches can get very crowded, especially at peak times, such as weekends in October. I recommend going during September, and weekdays if at all possible. If it is not possible to go during the week because you have children in school, try going during off hours. I was amazed how less crowded these places became closer to closing time. My son was able to stay on a pony for multiple rides without getting off because their was no line! Finally, make sure to do your research ahead of time. I recommend looking online, and checking reviews. It is important to make sure the facility is safe, and all rides have been checked. Safety is always a top priority when it comes to our little ones!


I have been going to Apple Orchards since I was a little girl with my mother, and I loved it. I loved it so much, that I now enjoy taking my own children. I enjoy watching them pick fresh, juicy Autumn apples. Apples possess many of the same properties as pumpkins, it is amazing how much you can do with them. I enjoy using our fresh picked apples to make pies, and bake sweet treats with them. My children love eating an apple that they picked with their own little hands. I make baking a family affair, and get my children involved. My children love to help with baking, and adding ingredients as we make apple pie. Apple Orchards are great places to visit, but they also can be expensive and crowded. I try and get to the orchard early, as soon as apples become ready for picking. I advise you to check pricing before picking, all apples are not priced the same. Also, certain apples are better for baking, some better for eating, and some for both. I find it is best to find an apple that is best for both, this way you can bake with them, and your children can enjoy eating them as well. Orchards have different areas for picking, some provide transportation, and others will make you walk to the picking site, I recommend checking online ahead of time, and if you are walking make sure children are prepared with proper shoes, and check to see if you will be able to bring strollers. Apple Picking is fun for the whole family, but be ready to help little ones, they will not always be able to reach the apples. I am in awe of how happy and accomplished my children are simply by picking an apple. As always, make sure to check reviews online, and make sure that self picking of apples is open.

Finally, make sure to be prepared with plenty of snacks and beverages so you will not have to purchase at facilities, if you want to save money. I advise to check ahead of time if outside food and beverages are allowed. I pack a cooler and have a picnic with my boys if outside food is not permitted to be brought in. Always remember to keep your children properly hydrated during these activities. As fun as Pumpkin Patches and Apple Orchards can be, they are long days and kids needs lots of fluids. I always come prepared with water, and extra formula for little ones. SippyNipple is a staple item in my diaper bag always. I find it truly makes my life as a mom easier, it allows me to bring water bottles, instead of transporting stinky cups. I can simply rinse my water bottle, and throw it in a recycling bin. I am amazed at the leak proof ability of this product, I no longer have to worry about my little ones spilling formula all over themselves. I recommend keeping this amazing product in your diaper bag as well!

I hope these tips have helped you and your families enjoy the Fall. Get out, and enjoy all the splendor Autumn has to offer! I truly love seeing my children have fun in the season, and I hope your kids do as well!

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