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Welcome to our Mom’s Resource Center. We hope you’ll join our dynamic community of mom’s helping mom’s. This is your space to share the information, connections, and resources you wished that you had with your first baby. 

Help guide us by sharing your thoughts on how to make this a powerful gathering place for you and other grassroots women leaders around the world! We invite you to add your perspectives and comments that inspire you.

January Getting Back on Track

It's the new year and time to get back on track after the holidays, into new routines.

May Taking care of yourself

Mother's day: remembering to take care of yourself. Rest, nutrition, diet, help from family and friends.

September About Newborns

Do you know what to expect with your newborn? What you need to know about baths, umbilical cords, soft spots, dry skin, crying, and sleep needs.

February Talking to Your Pediatrician

Dr. dialogue, choosing the right physician for your baby, practicioner options and advice.

June Organizing Vacations

Sun safety and preparing for travel vacations. Packing, setting up baby areas on the go, Bedtimes, feeding tips and all you need to know to plan the perfect vacation with baby.

October Keeping Baby Safe

Keeping baby safe and home safety tips.

Crib do's and don't, secure your nursery, bath and toilet safety, Kitchen and cleaning supplies safety stairs, outlets and who-knew dangers. Latex balloons, and recalls, get the scoop and prep for safety. 

March Healthy Relationships

Maintaining a marriage post baby. Household chores, parenting styles, sex, couples time, the grandparents, money and more.

July Summertime Activities

Summertime activities, taking advantage of the local library, park district and other local goodies.go berry picking, visit the zoo, read a story with baby at the bookstore, and more. 

November Holidays

It's baby's first holiday. How do we interact as a family? How to introduce baby to your extended family, interacting with relationships around the holidays. What babies can teach all of us. Holiday schedule changes, Cues for baby around daytine and nighttime.

April Milestones

Mile stones and age appropriate stimulation: what children need and when. What to expect and look for as your baby grows and developes.

August Kindergarten Readiness

Preparing for school. Is my child ready? What are the signs? Are there cut off dates? Will my child have to take a screening test?

December Holiday Packing List

Baby travel accessories, bed & bath supplies, sleeping supplies, prepping for a great holiday, road trip advice, controlling candy intake.

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