Our Story


It’s amazing that we started this business out of our home.  All the people we've met and all the relationships we’ve built, all the new families we’ve become a part of, and you are now part of our team.

My First Night with Binah

Our second child was born and we were coming home from the hospital, I was totally overwhelmed, you see my wife Emmy remained in the hospital because of some birth complications.  The baby was born early, and our new place was not ready yet, this was our first night without my wife, I was a mess, worried about my wife and trying to be everything the family needed.  Our things were everywhere, some in the car, most in boxes, not a stick of furniture except for the beautiful new crib that Emmy’s parents had given us.

"Well Then Fix it!"

Baby Binah was hungry, and I could not find a baby bottle, out of desperation and frantic, I grabbed a water bottle, spilled some formula into it and rubber banded a spare nipple on top.  It worked.....well sort of, it leaked, it was a spur of the moment thing, but it got us through the night.  Sometimes getting through the night with a crying child is the best you could hope for.  Well getting through that night, was her first gift to us.  In the morning, my son saw the water bottle and said "dad, what a cool idea".  I looked at it, and said that it hadn't worked very well, and he said "well then fix it".  That moment without even realizing it; SippyNipple™ was born.

Support Along the Way

From then on we recycled our water bottles for the baby and saved a ton of money on baby bottles.  After months of trial and error, the design was completed; a water bottle baby nipple that didn't leak.  Because of my special situation that night I realized how important this could be, not only for emergencies but also as an everyday mommy helper, simplifying travel with baby and toddlers and contributing to the green revolution by reusing water bottles.  Everywhere we went people were amazed at the simplicity of Sippynipple.  Everyone we met loved it and said they wished it had been around when their children were young, no one had seen anything like it.  So we patented the first leak proof water bottle baby nipple, it's a "must-have" for every diaper bag.  So a big thanks to all who have helped us along the way, guiding us with their kind words of encouragement.

Cleaner Easier and Safer

Now, just throw out those old germ ridden baby bottles and brushes, you can do without them, we have.  Instead of cleaning them, spend that extra time enjoying your baby.  Now baby can drink from the same water bottle as mom does, and your diaper bag just got a lot lighter, travel is a breeze (we buy our water on the go); just pop on a SippyNipple and go anywhere.....everywhere.  We've even color coded the lock rings to help moms keep track of Sippynipple sizes at a glance.

Our Mission

Is for mothers and caregivers to use our innovative products with confidence and security, knowing that safety and caring are our utmost priority.

Thanks for being on our team,

Emmy, John, Binah and me, Dr. Mike

Founders, SippyNipple