SippyNipple Toddler Teething Spout

SippyNipple Toddler Teething Spout

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SippyNipple Toddler Teething Spout

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Never Clean a Baby Bottle Again! Baby Safe. BPA-Free. Pediatrician Recommended. Recycle mom’s clean water bottle to feed your baby and toss after use. 

  • Safe for Baby – No More Stinky Bottle Germs
  • Easy on Mom – Clean only the reusable nipples – less to carry
  • Good for Mother Nature

“Snap on - Snap off” spout simplifies hydration and bottle feeding on-the-go, delivering convenience, comfort, efficiency, and performance.” SippyNipple caps are precision engineered to fit the popular 8oz. and 16.9oz water bottle brands found at most retailers.

Purple SippyNipple caps fit Aquafina® (Pepsi), Dasani® (Coca-Cola) and Deja Blue® (Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group) water brands.

Green SippyNipple caps fit Nestle brands; Nestle Pure®, Deer Park®, Arrowhead®, Ozarka®, Zephyrhills®, Ice Mountain® and Poland Springs®.

The world’s first leak-proof water bottle baby nipple - guaranteed.

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Safe for Baby

SippyNipple helps eliminate dirty bottle dangers like Hepatitis A and Rotavirus germs that can live in old bottles that could appear clean, but could result in diarrhea, cramping & vomiting. Why take a chance? Meet SippyNipple. 

BPA - Free

All SippyNipple products are 100% BPA-free and dishwasher safe.


We guarantee that our products are leak-proof, or your money back - and we’re the only ones who do.

Pediatrician Recommended

SippyNipple was invented by a physician, recommended by pediatricians and adopted by moms.