Customer Comments:


"This is a great idea! So much more convenient when travelling. I like the washability - I get concerned about mold and mildew too."


"What a fantastic idea! I can't tell you how many times we've been on an outing as a family and everyone gets thirsty, but it's really hard for babies and toddlers to drink bottled water without making a mess or guzzling. And no one likes backwash! lol"


"I really like this! Sometimes we're out and there is no other choice. The kids dump the bottles on themselves and this would be helpful. In addition, my SIL uses formula and I've watched her dump formula into a plastic bottle to make a fast meal and I bet this would be ideal for that."


"Very innovative product."


"This would have been great for OT for my daughter with laryngomalacia. We had a hard time converting her to any cup after bottles."



Deni Nicole

My hands are always full, so I’m not going to carry around heavy bottles all day when I don't have to. This product does the job.

Anna Gail

It seems that I have to look for a bottle or go back for one all the time. Hassle avoided with Sippy Nipple!


This product is so cute and was a lifesaver on travel days.


Can’t imagine life without it.


I tried SippyNipple with Dasani and Aquafina. No leaks yet.


My mom got me these to try and I think I’ll get a few more of them.


My toddler took to this right away. Saved the day.


I never knew how badly this was needed until now! Sippy Nipple’s really are leak proof-and trust me, if there’s a way my kid will get a cup to leak, he’ll find it.