Push on - Pull off

Step 1: Remove cap from water bottle. You do not have to remove the safety seal retainer ring.

Step 2; Assemble Nipple & Locking Ring. Push Baby Nipple (or Toddler Spout) into the locking ring. Be sure that the nipple indentation sets into the locking ring to ensure a good seal.

Step 3: Push assembled Nipple and Ring down over bottle neck closure. SippyNipple does not screw on - it pushes on and pulls off. 

Step 4: Continue to push SippyNipple down until locking teeth lock onto bottle neck lip. Important: If all locking clips are not properly seated, leakage will occur.

Step 5: To remove: Pull locking teeth out and up, tilting SippyNipple back and releasing it from the bottle.


Ring Selection

Dr. Mike's SippyNipple fits most 8 oz. and 16.9 oz. US water bottle brands, including these major brands: Aquafina (Pepsi), Dasani (Coca-Cola), Deja Blu (Dr. Pepper Snapple Group) and many Nestle owned brands.

Purple Ring: SippyNipple purple ring fits Aquafina, Dasani and Deja Blu bottles that have a taller screw cap closure than the Nestle brands.

Green Ring: SippyNipple Green Ring fits all Nestle water brands: Nestle Pure Life, Arrowhead, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Poland Springs, Ozarka and Zephyrhills.

The Following Water Bottle Brands are not Supported by the SippyNipple Guarantee: SippyNipple is not recommended for the following water brands that have unusual bottle necks or closures: Fiji Water, Evian, Hildon, Icelandic Glacier, Saint Géron, Glaceau Smartwater, Volvic, and Voss.  

Nipple Selection: Our Baby Nipple and Toddler Spout are interchangeable with either the purple or green rings. 


Our Guarantee

Dr. Mike's SippyNipple guarantees to be leak-proof on these leading water bottle brands: 8fl oz., and 16fl oz. Aquafina®, Dasani®, Deja Blue® and various Nestle's® brands including: Nestles Pure Life®, Arrowhead®, Ice Mountain®, Poland Springs®, Ozarka®, and Zephyrhills brands. SippyNipple offers a no hassle 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. If you are not satisfied, just send us your reason for refund and your name, address, the price you paid, your phone number where the purchase was made and your refund will be processed promptly,

Return product with your reason for return to:

Dr. Mike's SippyNipple, P.O. Box 7786
Westchester IL, 60154-5018

Please allow up to 2 weeks for processing. 



Cleaning & Sterilization

Step 1: Remove (pop out) the nipple from the locking ring.  

Step 2: Wash SippyNpple and locking ring in hot water with mild detergent. 

Step 3: Clean SippyNipple with a nipple brush, rinse in water and air-dry. 

To Sterilize: Place nipple and locking ring in a ceramic cup filled with water and boil in microwave, or boil nipple and locking ring in a pan filled with water on a stove.

Pop in your diaper bag and you're ready to go - Sippy Nipple is clean, safe and ready for baby. 

Nipple Selection

What size is right?

Dr. Mike's SippyNipple Comes in 3 months+ and 6 months+ Nipples, and a Toddler Spout for teething babies.

Starting with a slow flow nipple is ideal for newborns and preemies. As your baby grows, they are ready for faster feeding and a faster flow. Sippy Nipple offers two sizes custom designed to meet your baby’s needs that are designated by age (3 months+ and 6 months+). Don’t be concerned if your baby doesn’t exactly follow these guidelines, you may have to play with nipple sizes to find out what works best for your baby. And of course, be sure to mention any feeding issues with your baby’s doctor. The American Pediatric Association recommends that mom's only to give formula or breast milk (not water) to children between the ages of 0 and 6 months. 


Recommended Liquids

Dr. Mike's SippyNipple is great for water, juice and Formula.

Re-use Mom's Water Bottles

Fill your water bottle with water, juice or formula. push on SippyNipple and you and your little one are ready to go.

No Spill – No Mess Nipple

Dr. Mike's SippyNipples are designed for a perfect universal “no-spill” fit and easily lock onto leading bottled water brands. Plastic water bottles are easily squeezed to remind sleepy babies that they are still feeding.

Great for Water, Juice or Formula

Great for Water, Juice or Formula